Wild Bunch Action Shooting


  • Only lead bullets
  • No semi-auto rifles
  • Only lever or pump action shotguns
  • No extended magazine tubes on shotguns
  • Only center fire 1911 pistols
    • No compensators or weighted barrel bushings
    • No extended magazines
  • All guns: iron sights only, no optics or electronic sights
  • Period correct clothing and shooting gear
  • Pistol magazines may be loaded at any time with no more than 7 rounds each. Magazines may not be inserted into gun until appropriate time per stage instructions
  • All guns must be discarded empty with the actions open
  • Upon completion of each stage the RO will inspect each gun to insure they are empty. RO will give the command to close the slide then lower the hammer of pistol
  • Magazines must be removed from handgun
  • All chambers to be empty at the start of each stage
  • We will follow SASS Wild Bunch rules
    • Except we will allow any SASS legal rifle, any pump or lever shotgun and any centerfire 1911 style pistol
  • Also for safety reasons only, someone other than the shooter can touch the staged guns



May 18
June 15
July 20
August 17

 SASS Wild Bunch